Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Call for Experiments!

Dear Tribologists,

I am asking for your help! I am planning to produce a leaflet for school science teachers with simple tribology experiments that can be shown to children and/or teenagers to help them understand basic concepts of tribology. To do so I would need some ideas from fellow tribologists.

Such experiments should:

  • be possible to conduct using simple, commonly available materials,-can’t be dangerous,
  • should have a clear aim,
  • should be possible to explain in simple terms,
  • can be your original idea or found online/in a book/somewhere else- if so, please give reference.
If you have no idea where to start from, there are some ideas available online, e.g.

http://www.thinkingfountain.org/f/friction/friction.html. Have a look and see how they should be designed (for more examples, Google ‘friction children experiments’, for instance). Friction force as such is quite well covered already, I would be really happy to hear some ideas about lubrication regimes, wear mechanisms, contact mechanics issues, etc.

I also plan in some undefined future to design some experiments that could be used for a museum exhibition. If you have an idea which can’t be used for a simple home/school experiment but still might be used in an exhibition, I’d also be glad to hear it.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping out. Tribology needs you!

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Kara Lemar said...

We are looking to do the same thing with experiments - providing a list for both students and teachers to use in and out of the classroom, or during science fairs. Did you have any luck, or would you want to talk more about this? If so, you can find my contact information here: http://www.stle.org/contact/directory2012.aspx?