Monday, 22 September 2008

Tribology is cool!

Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Its basic concepts such as wear, friction and lubrication are in general recognized, but the term „tribology” itself much less. It’s exotic to many and some tribologists seem to like it this way.

Science is cool, so is tribology. Let's share this knowledge with general public and children. Let's go out to schools, science museums and exhibitions, popular science literature and internet and show how fascinating it can be.

Tribology is everywhere. Not only in machines, vehicles, bearings, lubricants and train wheels. When you slip on the ice, light a match or slide in the water park, it's friction that you are experiencing... or missing. Your shoes or car tyres have worn out? Due to tribological processes. You don't like the texture of the fat-free yoghurt? Hey, that's tribology! In sports and cosmetics, inside your body and in the natural world. It's everywhere. Just look around.

Communicating with business, industry, university students, researchers from outside tribology and other tribologists- it's all very important. But we shouldn't forget- our responsibility as scientists is also education, especially to those who won't understand complicated formulas and jargon.

Let's share tribology.

This blog will try to show that tribology is important and cool. Wanna help?

A poster presented on Marie Curie Conference (Barcelona, 17-18 July 2008), satellite event of European Science Open Forum 2008.


Golan Trevize said...

this idea is great...
Now it has just to be promoted...

I will spread it around...
if you need some help, just tell

Victoria Baltag said...

:) nice to hear about this

Robert said...

Hi I read your blog you don't know how right you are about promoting tribology.
I'm in my final year in college doing engineering and picked tribology as my final year project.
I have to build a machine that will allow a user to perform tribology experiments on(eg pin on disk).
The internet and books are no help with finding a nice experiment to do, their too complicated or too broad.
its mind boggling and I don't know what to do. :`(

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