Friday, 24 April 2009

Engineering comes to life at Heathfield

On 10th March I went to Heathfield School for girls to give a presentation about my research area and encourage the girls to study engineering. It was as a part of Mini INSPIRE project. It gives post-doctoral researchers, PhD students and MSc students at Imperial College the opportunity to communicate the excitements of their research to young pupils. Mini Inspire is available to all postgraduates at Imperial College.
This was highlighted in the school news on their website

Agnieszka’s presentation included information on her field of study, Tribology, which is the study of the effects of Friction, Wear and Lubricants in everyday life – in gears, bearings, rail wheels, in nature and the designing of artificial joints, in foods where the question of why low-fat foods do not taste as good is being investigated, in sport and the designing of the equipment used and in cosmetics where research is being done to improve the properties of make-up and hair conditioners. She also hosted a question and answer session. Pupils Melissa, Year 11 and Tharshiya, Year 12, both agreed that the talk had provided them with an insight to a field that they had both wanted to study at University. Melissa said “I thoroughly enjoyed the talk. It gave me an insight into engineering, particularly for women, as I am thinking of studying this at University.”


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